Close Holiday Sales!

If you’ve sold Insurance or Financial Products before, you know some folks will inevitably put off buying until after the Holiday.  It’s in everybody’s best interest to wrap the business up so your client’s needs are addressed, and you see your business grow.  Here’s a few actionable tips to make your 4th quarter more profitable.

First things first, don’t bring up the Holidays.  Do not compliment your client’s Christmas décor, or ask them what their holiday plans are.  There’s simply no need to insert this conversation in the sales process.

But, what do we do with prospects who are starting to dust off their favorite Holiday Excuses as they pull decorations out of the attic?

The key to making sure your prospects don’t catch the Holiday bug is keeping their needs and the solutions you bring in focus.

Here’s several ways you can redirect a prospect back to what matters:

“I can call you after the Holiday, but I’m not going to be able to enjoy it knowing we don’t have your needs addressed.”

“If we wait it may be too late to help you with this year’s taxes”

“These policies can be a great Holiday gift for your parents/children!”

“The open enrollment period ends December 15th, so we would need to meet beforehand”

“I understand, how has the markets recent performance affected your portfolio? Let’s get together this afternoon and improve your position now”

Here’s a few ideas specifically for decision makers at companies:

“If your company is like mine, it won’t be this quiet until next December!”

“If we get these benefits to your employees, they’ll be able to enjoy these savings during the Holiday time!”

“Think about the Return of Premium on this plan as a Christmas Bonus!”

Feel free to use these techniques as they are, or modify them to suit your style.  Putting these concepts in action will dial up closed sales in the 4th quarter!

After “The Holidays” there’s “Tax Season”, “Summer Vacation” and “Back to School”.  The basic thought process behind overcoming objections is the same throughout the year.  Remember, if we accept the excuses, we accept the failure!  If you have any ideas of your own to share, feel free to do so in the comments below.  For quality, exclusive telemarketed leads, contact us, or call (888) 802-6998.

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