Frequently Asked Questions

Are these leads exclusive?

Yes, each lead is 100% exclusive. We never re-sell, retarget, or otherwise water down your leads. All leads are generated from the ground up and are exclusive in every sense of the word.

How many leads will I receive each week?

We typically send 5-10 leads per week.  You can adjust lead delivery to suit your needs.  Let us know if you'd like more leads or if you'd like to slow down or pause lead delivery. 

When will I receive my first batch of leads?

Leads are generated on a first come, first served basis.  Our turn around times can vary between 2 and 6 weeks depending on type of lead ordered.  Please contact us for a concrete start date.

What's the difference between Per-Lead and Telemarketing Services?

If you order Per-Lead calling you will receive exactly the number of leads you purchase in your lead pack.  Telemarketing Services are custom campaigns and are priced based on list size. We will call your list and send all leads generated.

What's the difference between Standard Life Leads and Living Benefit Life Leads?

Standard Life Leads agree to chat with you about Life Insurance you offer in general.  Living Benefit Life Leads agree to hear about unique Life Insurance policies that include Living Benefits such as Critical, Chronic, Terminal & LTC riders.

What is a Qualified Lead?

A qualified lead is a prospect who knows your name and has agreed to receive a call from you about the product you would like to offer.

What's the difference between Standard Data and Premium Data?

Standard data is included in the price of your campaign.  You may choose business location, number of employees, gross income, and type of business.  Premium Data usually contains ERISA 5500 information or other specialized parameters, such as Workers Comp Renewals or Business Owner Age.

We are here to generate leads just for Insurance Agents and Financial Professionals!

Since 1995, insurance agents have been taking our leads for their continued success! 

TJ Telemarketing is the industry’s reliable source for exclusive pre-qualified life insurance leads, retirement plan leads, group health plan leads, and many other types of leads that meet the needs of insurance agents and financial professionals.

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