What Is A Qualified Lead

Leads from TJ Telemarketing are called Pre-appointment, Qualified Leads. This means a prospect has committed to receive a call from you and knows they will be solicited regarding the particular kind of insurance or financial product you sell. In addition, the person has been qualified by phone and on your behalf according to our available scripts.

Our Leads simply give you the opportunity to talk with someone about your products. We are generating new contacts who are expecting a call from you – we are breaking the ice. As you work each lead, it becomes a “door opener” for getting in front of people. When you meet them, you can use your sales skills to give them reasons why they should purchase what you are selling.

The leads you receive are unique contacts you cannot get from any other source. These are individuals who are employed, which gives them the ability to afford your products. They are screened for health conditions that can hinder them from approval in underwriting. Each prospect says they are willing to hear from you, and the majority will be receptive when you call. Each lead gives you the opportunity to cross-sell other products, some of which will be owners with whom you can explore business related coverage. Finally, these new prospects come with the added bonus as fresh referral possibilities to expand your pool of contacts.

In addition, you can rest in the fact that our company has over 20 years of proven experience and reliability in generating high caliber leads. One thing which sets us apart is: we really do what we claim to do. This begins with making the actual scripts we use in generating leads available to you before placing an order. Then, our telemarketers follow these scripts to maintain consistent quality in the development of each lead. This is backed up by electronic recordings of each lead generated. We extend the opportunity for agents to listen to leads being generated, which bolsters confidence in our lead generation methods. We are proud to have an ‘A’ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Oregon. And, we work with many satisfied customers all across the country on a repeat basis.

Our telemarketers are another key toward developing warm leads. They are accomplished professionals who are personable and cordial with each contact, acquiring an affirmation from them to receive a call from you. All of our leads are generated from one office in Springfield, Oregon with Americans who are masters of the English language. We never subcontract to India or The Philippines.

Lastly, the sales representatives at TJ Telemarketing strive to give you, our professional clients, personalized customer service for all your needs. When you contact us, we will listen to you and learn what your niche market is. Then, we will recommend the campaign which is best suited for the kind of lead you want. We can work with the turn-around times you require and the lead delivery schedule you need.

If you don’t have enough prospects, give us a call and begin receiving exclusive leads waiting to hear from you. Our goal is to give you the level of excellence in both leads and service which will result in you coming back time and time again.

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