What Is An Exclusive Lead?

TJ Telemarketing has been generating exclusive leads for sales professionals for 23 years. We generate leads who know our client’s name and have agreed to talk about the services they offer. Each lead we generate is never re-sold, retargeted, or otherwise watered down. All leads are generated from the ground up and are exclusive in every sense of the word.

When you become our client and we find a prospect who’d like to talk with you, we do not call this lead again for other clients or re-sell their data to affiliate marketing companies. Also, we take the extra steps to make sure your potential customer is in the best place to become a sale for you by assuring their important personal information will be protected. With these precautions, your prospects will not become frustrated by being targeted day in and out by the competition.

In addition, we understand the importance of setting our clients apart from the crowd. We generate organic interest and find prospects who are open to a real conversation about the benefits you offer. As a result, consumers who want to speak with you are excellent sales opportunities.

When we go to work for our clients, we customize each lead to suit your needs. We find sales opportunities by talking about the benefits of Level Funded Group Health Plans, Living Benefits Life Insurance, and Educating Employees about Retirement. We introduce these and many other concepts to educate decision makers about why they should speak with you. With an exclusive, customized message, the prospect can easily decide whether they see the value in talking with you.

Our mission is to help clients by filling your pipeline with opportunities that lead to sales. We accomplish this by preparing prospects to expect your services will improve their lives and protect the things that are important to them. These business or individual leads know they will benefit from an insurance or financial review with you because they can find better coverage and won’t be retargeted by a mob of eager agents who want to do the same exact thing.

Keeping the needs of our clients in line with the needs of prospects is key to everybody’s success. We succeed by having happy, repeat customers.  Our customers succeed by having receptive contacts. And, consumers benefit by feeling they are now in the best possible position for protecting what matters most. In the end, our exclusive leads grow your book of business in a way everybody can be proud of.

To order exclusive leads, visit our shop online or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you so our leads can help boost your sales to the next level!

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