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Fill up your day with qualified leads that are expecting a call from you.

At TJ Telemarketing, we do the hard part: we make the calls it takes to find a prospect interested in speaking with you. We pre-qualify the person as an actual decision maker for your type of insurance purchase, ask for their permission to have you call and we give them your name, as the person who will be calling in the next few days to talk to them about their Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Retirement Plan, or Commercial Insurance needs.

TJ Telemarketing is a small, family owned and operated business. We care about you and your success. Our trained telemarketers proudly and professionally represent you by politely interviewing each person individually, by phone, to pre-qualify and ask permission to have you call them directly. We actually say your name three times to every respondent we get as a lead. So, the contact is expecting a call exclusively from you. You receive more than just a list of names, you receive the entire completed interview form including personal comments and the best times to reach the contact person.

We help you generate the business you want, when you want it and, even more importantly, we help you “fill the pipeline” for future business and referrals. An average for our satisfied customers is a 20% or better sales rate. As with every sales effort, it is a numbers game and while you may not average that with every 10 leads, over time and with a significant sample, you will probably experience that or even better. Some leads may generate multiple sales and referrals for other types of insurance and retirement plans.

We specialize in people working at small businesses in the city, town or zip code you define. You may order leads for Life insurance, Health Insurance, Retirement Plans, Commercial Insurance or some of each. The Telemarketing Services Program offers you options for fully customized or restrictive lead generation.

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What insurance agents are saying About Us

"Just wanted to thank you for working with me on my group leads this year. I have found your staff to be very professional. In every case the business owner was expecting my call. I very much like the information given to me on the lead form."



"As I have come to know your business, it has become clear your leads are profitable. My income has increased by 5 times each time I have ordered leads ... your leads have introduced my business to further expansion from local, quality clientele ... I am excited I found TJ Telemarketing early on in my career."



We are here to generate leads just for Insurance Agents and Financial Professionals!

Since 1995, insurance agents have been taking our leads for their continued success! 

TJ Telemarketing is the industry’s reliable source for exclusive pre-qualified life insurance leads, retirement plan leads, group health plan leads, and many other types of leads that meet the needs of insurance agents and financial professionals.

3.4/5 (40 Reviews)

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