Work Leads Don’t Waste Them

Appointment setting is the bridge between prospective leads and finalizing sales. Without this critical skill, an agent is severely handicapped in obtaining new clients. Most agents can sell, once they are in front of people, or they would not be in business. Augmenting sales ability with effective appointment setting skills will insure your future success. …

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Just Set The Appointment

Success in the Insurance and Financial Industry is a direct result of making connections which engender sales. These sales come from Quality Leads and Effective Appointment Setting. This article touches on the art and science of setting those appointments. Your number one focus when calling to set an appointment with a lead should be to …

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Prospecting with Telemarketing Leads

Demand for qualified leads in the insurance industry is steadily increasing. In conjunction with this trend, agents are constantly pursuing quality lead generation sources. The questions become: where are the best leads generated and why should agents purchase leads rather than cold call? One source of leads is as old as the telephone and as …

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