Our Lead Generation Process Explained

Lead Generation Process

Here at TJ Telemarketing we have been generating exclusive leads for agents and financial professionals for 24 years. Our success in agency growth is a result of our simple and unique process. Our tried and true approach generates real exclusive leads you can depend on. Below are a few keys ingredients for our process.


We Start From Scratch


We use only fresh, local business data for each campaign. You provide to us the areas you would like to work and we start there. We never use old data, internet leads, or any other source of prospects that may be shared or otherwise watered down.


Then We Mix It


Our American callers, located in Oregon, share who you are, and the services you specialize in. Only decision makers who are qualified and interested are sent to you as leads. When you deliver the right message to the right prospect you are in the sweet spot!


Take and Bake


Now it’s up to you to meet your prospects and close sales! Remember, your aim is to meet with 50% or more of the leads. Take the time and finish strong with new customers. If you have success with your first batch of leads, you’ll have success for years to come. Just like any great process, ours is a simple one which makes it repeatable!


What We Don’t Do: Serve Leftovers

Most importantly, we don’t re-sell your leads. We are not an Insurance company so we will not save the best opportunities for ourselves. We are an independent marketing source who’s only motivation is your success.


Taking care to start from scratch is a key piece of the lead generation process that many other lead generation companies miss. You do not want a bad lead generation process or you will end up with leads that you can’t get on the phone, are shopping for the “best price” or are not the type of client you need. Remove those common barriers from your closing process by having our team take the time and care necessary for consistent growth.

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