Companies Have Needs, Let’s Find Them

Have you ever thought if more companies knew about the benefits you offer you’d have all the business you need? Since 1995 we have educated decision makers at businesses on your behalf to uncover interest in your products.

Cut through the noise and get the attention of Benefits Managers and Business Owners who are not going online for “quotes”, or “networking” but who have legitimate needs. Here’s a few reasons our leads continue to be effective right now:

EDUCATION: Each prospect we generate for you knows exactly how you can help. We go over the benefits of your PEO with a Group Health Lead, How you may help your Commercial Insurance clients pass OSHA inspections on P&C Leads, or how your Voluntary Benefits will help retain key employees. We let businesses know how you will help.
DEMOGRAPHICS: If we share the correct message with the correct prospect at the correct time, you have a new client. Our custom lists allow you to find the correct prospects, and we work out the timing.
EXPERIENCE: Our marketers have an average of 5 years experience. Our Oregon based team has the expertise and language to succeed in this market.

We’ve made millions of phone calls about Group Health, Commercial P&C, Voluntary Benefits, 401(k), Accounting & MORE click here for the complete list. This experience makes us a great marketing partner if you are looking for opportunities for growth in 2021. Contact us anytime and we can begin customizing your marketing plan.

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