What Are Insurance & Financial Prospects Needing Now?

People are more available.  We are getting through to decision makers at a higher pace, finding more business owners, and more C Level and HR connections in the office than before.  If you haven’t noticed people are around, receptive, and in need you are not looking. As a company dedicated to finding insurance and financial prospects for our clients, we are always looking!
Since mid March TJ Telemarketing has made hundreds of thousands outbound calls to businesses and have an idea of the pulse out there. This amount of conversations allows us to analyze feedback and spot trends in real time. These are the signs of whats to come as people’s focus change. Many of these questions and needs center around insurance and financial products you provide. Who will guide them through this time?
We’ve been adding caring and mindful language into our calls with prospects. Health and safety has always been human needs. Now these basics are at the forefront of everybody’s minds. What better time to make sure insurance and financial needs are taken care of than right now? We are fortunate to be participating in an industry that is so necessary.
Now enjoying an influx in prospects and having conversations is great, but don’t forget to adjust your close. This is a time when the sale is made by deepening personal connections. Take more time to tell stories to your prospects, relate to them and their struggles and the good stuff too. Simply taking the time to listen and being authentic in conversation with a person is important these days. People miss those connections. If you are making successful connections on your calls you will notice your day is brightened as you help others. Connect with your prospects on a deeper level and deliver the solutions they need.

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