Finding New Customers For Financial Professionals

As a financial professional, you have the opportunity to earn an above average income.  The only catch is finding new clients.  Here are several ways to find those elusive customers.

Looking For Customers

  • Wait for them to come to you. This is clearly not a good plan.  The financial professional that sits at his desk and waits for the masses to knock down his door will go hungry.
  • Call people to generate business. This is the classic.  You get a list and just start calling!  This can be an effective form of marketing, but it is very time consuming.  Cold calling is not really done very often because of the time investment.  You could call 200 individuals to get one face-to-face.

Using Generic Leads

  • Embrace modern technology. We live in the internet age, why not put it to use?  If you Google Financial Leads, Retirement Leads, or Life Insurance Leads, you will have no problem finding a lead service.  The question becomes “where did these leads come from?”

Most of the leads come from online forms that were filled out.  Most of these “prospects” are looky-loos, not motivated buyers.  To be sure, some of them can be sold.  Most of them will not buy.

A second type of internet lead are aged leads.  Many financial professionals receive a batch of leads and call them.  If someone doesn’t answer or doesn’t give a yes up front, the lead is never called again.  After a few months, the lead service will resell the unsold leads to as many agents as they can.  These leads are severely discounted because they are proven to be weak.

Using Custom Leads

  • Use TJ Telemarketing. Here at TJ Telemarketing, we give you every advantage.  We are located in the state of Oregon and all of our telemarketers are located right here.  A prospect contacted by us will never be called from India or any other country.  Every single lead provided to you was contacted that very same day, expressed an interest in your products or services, and agreed to receive your call.

We guarantee that your leads are exclusive.  When we generate a lead for you, it is only for you.  We will never resell the lead to another agent.  We even guarantee territory exclusivity for the life of your account.

As with so many things in life, financial leads come down to money.  One part of the equation is the cost of the leads.  Rest assured, you can find cheaper leads with very little effort.  The second part of the cost equation is the actual value of the lead.  The return on your investment is clearly better if you can sell every third or fourth lead rather than one in a hundred.  That is why financial professionals across the country use and reuse TJ Telemarketing every day.

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