What Are Your Summer Plans?

Many Insurance and Financial Professionals want to enjoy vacation time as well as grow their business over the summer. Our leads are ideal for this since we generate them only on weeks you are in the office ready to help, and not when you’re out. Here at TJ Telemarketing we make outbound calls to find […]

Making Real Connections

Agents that use our exclusive leads benefit from the warm, personal approach we use on the phone. We connect you with insurance buyers with a thought out, professional and personable approach that yields prospects that are expecting your call back. I write a bit below about the advantages of working with an exclusive lead generated by […]

Leads for Insurance Agents!

Since 1995, insurance agents have been taking our leads for their continued success!

TJ Telemarketing is the industry's reliable source for exclusive pre-qualified life insurance leads, retirement plan leads, group health plan leads, and many other types of leads that meet the needs of insurance agents and financial professionals.

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