Making Real Connections

Agents that use our exclusive leads benefit from the warm, personal approach we use on the phone. We connect you with insurance buyers with a thought out, professional and personable approach that yields prospects that are expecting your call back. I write a bit below about the advantages of working with an exclusive lead generated by a real person.

A phone call is a personal connection!

I have heard that folks respond best to the way they were initially brought into the sales cycle. An email response responds best to email, a phone call responds best to a phone call! Now which of those 2 methods have turned into the most sales for you? My experience has led me to believe a phone call is far more valuable than an email when it comes down to actually gaining clients. Email is great for questions, or sending an application, but the key points and needs analysis needs to be done over the phone or better yet, face to face.

Have you ever tried to set an appointment by email?  Maybe you have not.  It barely even makes sense to try unless you don’t have a prospects phone number.

The real conversations and appointments that our leads turn into are valuable connections, that many agents have been using to build their books of business across the country.

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