Hard Work Pays Off In So Many Ways

The day started off the same as all the others. Then I got an unusual phone call. My support staff gave me the heads-up before I picked up the phone: “Mr. Schiedler, it’s a police chief on hold!” I had no idea what a police chief might want with me or my company, but my interest was certainly piqued.

I answered the call and learned that this police chief for a town in Georgia had spent the morning researching my company online. He was calling me today to check and see if we could do fundraising for him and his police department.

I told him that we did not specialize in fundraising. Our specialty is in generating insurance leads.  He told me he had been to our website and understood what our specialty was. I was perplexed, so I asked the only question I could ask at that point, and I had no idea what he’d answer.

“So then why did you reach out to us about fundraising?”

I didn’t know what to expect, but I certainly didn’t expect his response:

“Well, I called because you were the top-rated call center in the U.S.”

I was initially taken aback, and I was quite surprised to hear that answer. Apparently, he had found us using the Better Business Bureau search function, and the BBB’s website ranked us as the #1 call center – I had no idea!

TJ Telemarketing has maintained an A+ score with the Better Business Bureau for decades.  Of course, I knew this when the police chief called.  I had no idea we held the top spot in the United States!

We all work hard and do our best to improve. Many of us live by the motto “hard work is its own reward” but the truth is that sometimes it’s nice to be validated in what you do.  We spend so much time here working on improving our lead generation process and the quality of our leads.  Sometimes the work you put in pays off in ways you would not have expected.

The effort that we all put into our businesses pays off in unusual ways. It’s always important to do whatever it takes to get the job done and find new pathways to success. You never know what will end up paying off, and you might find something unexpected along the way. While I was unable to help raise funds because that is too far outside of our wheelhouse, I learned something new and got a pat on the back, and that made me proud of all the work I do.

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