Choose The Right Words, Close More Sales

Each word has an impact. Consider the impact words you use have on prospects who are considering your products. Here’s several proven concepts to implement now that will result in closing more leads and prospects immediately.

During the sales process focus on the benefits you offer each client. People like to hear about how they can afford to maintain their lifestyle, participate in market gains without risk, and have more time and peace of mind. Prospects are less interested in product details and riders, industry certifications, or even price. Keep the focus on benefits you provide and how you make them feel. Keep the prospect’s needs front and center and re-inforce the fact you are simply there to help them out in the best way possible!

For example, you could say “You’ve worked hard for your money, now it’s time to make it work for you” instead of “We will help you prepare for a better tomorrow, you can count on us”.

When choosing words consider the demographic you are addressing. Young people want to strike a perfect work life balance. Men tend to be more money-centric than women. Older people want fewer worries. Women prioritize time over money. While it is impossible to generalize an individual client, the key is to recognize the differences and adapt to their needs.

You may say “The tax savings you see here could be re-invested into a retirement vehicle” to an older person, or “These savings could be used to hire on some more help so you can take that vacation you’ve always wanted” to a younger individual.

Simply put, don’t talk to a 65 year old woman the same way you’d speak to a 37 year old man. The product you offer could be the same, but you should focus on benefits and value uniquely and approach them in different ways.

Another proven approach is to ask your client how they imagine their future. Ask your client what changes they’d like to see in the next year, and what they’d like to see in the next 5 years. Reminding them of possibilities will make your client more receptive to the strategies you have to get them there. Simply spell out to this person how you will turn their future wants into reality.

Your knowledge and application of the products you sell is the value you bring. Use your knowledge to make sure your clients have the end result they seek. Focus on how you will provide your client the lifestyle they want. In the end, it’s not about the money or stuff, but how your client feels and living the life they want. Your role is to be the change they need to get there.

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