Leads and Prospects

We often use the terms “Lead” and “Prospect” interchangeably. We do it even on this website, since “lead” is the term most used in the industry. Are they really the same though?

The Webster’s Dictionary definition of lead is to guide someone or something. The definition of prospect is something that is awaited or expected. Using these definitions, we can say a lead shows us where to find customers while a prospect is a person we can expect to make a purchase.

So the question becomes, “How do we take a lead and turn it into a prospect?” The answer is ask questions! Asking the right questions takes time, effort and skill, and many (if not most) leads will never be prospects. The leads that do become prospects are pure gold though.

Here at TJ Telemarketing, we save you the time and effort involved with dealing with leads. We ask the hard questions and fully qualify our leads before offering your direct contact. This way we only deliver you the best and highest quality prospects.

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