Life Insurance Leads, Generated with Living Benefits In Mind

TJ Telemarketing has been generating life insurance leads since 1995 for insurance agents like you.

We generate exclusive pre-qualified prospects who would like to hear back from you.  Essentially, our role in the insurance industry is to start positive conversations and relationships that result in sales.  We view our calls as a service we provide to the people we contact: we are an important part of the insurance industry’s role of protecting people’s most precious needs.

Over the years, our life insurance lead generation process has evolved.  Today I will focus on our latest marketing concept, the Living Benefits Life Insurance Lead.  This lead is available from TJ Telemarketing on a per lead or custom calling basis.  There is no up charge for this modification to our standard approach.

When we generate these Living Benefits Life Leads we introduce the concept of life insurance having benefits policyholders can use during their lifetime.  We discuss the unique way these policies can provide cash if they were to experience a critical, chronic, or terminal illness.  We carry on to explain these policies can help with long term care.

Not only is this concept new to most of the folks we speak with, it is such an appropriate product for the times we live in today.  With the recent changes to health insurance, these policies are even more valuable.  Cancer and Heart Attack are the top health threats facing Americans today.  These policies pay out cash to your clients while they are still alive, and this could be the difference between being treated by any in network doctor or having the financial means to purchase treatment from a top specialist in the field.  If these policies are not used for health care, of course the financial growth in the investment side of a policy like this offer living benefits for the policyholder they can enjoy in retirement.

If you sell products that benefit your customers in this way, make sure you purchase our Living Benefits Life Insurance Leads.  Please follow this Life Insurance Lead Ordering Link to place your order.  All you must do to receive this change to our standard scripting is mention it on your order details form.  This is the same form you enter your calling areas.  If we are currently calling on your behalf and you would like to try this new approach, simply give us a call.

Here at TJ Telemarketing we bridge the gap between consumers and our clients.  We are happy in this role, knowing our clients will improve the financial safety of our prospects.

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