Overcome Obstacles

You’ve been working your leads and having great conversations with most of them. On the other hand, some of your prospects are more difficult to connect with. You need a well thought out strategy to overcome obstacles and have more conversations, appointments, and sales. Overcoming obstacles on the phone is key to maximizing sales opportunities.

Anything the prospect says that derails your effort to make a sale is an obstacle. An efficient salesperson recognizes the need to keep the sale moving in a positive direction. When an obstacle is uncovered, remember to use this simple, 4 step process outlined below to address and overcome the obstacle.

  1. Acknowledge! The prospect wants to be heard and respected. Always acknowledge an objection so the prospect understands it registered, and is far from a problem.
  2. Inform! The number one reason prospects are hesitant is time. They may not understand the value you bring and are too busy to think about it now. Assure them that you are truly here to help them.
  3. Identify Needs! Use knowledge provided on the lead sheet to identify problems you can solve. This is the part of the process that’s specific to TJ Telemarketing’s leads. You have many clues on the lead sheet you can use to build rapport. Our leads provide details about the prospect you can build from using your knowledge of the industry.
  4. Move On! Now you’re past this obstacle! Do not forget to ask the prospect to take the next step. Remember to sound confident. Make sure the words you use are well thought out. Be bold and ask the prospect to take the next step as if you have never heard a “no”!

Here’s an example:

Agent – Hello Johnny, how are you?

Johnny – I’m good, and you?

Agent – Great, Thanks for asking Johnny!  You had a chat with Melissa in my marketing department yesterday about life insurance.

Johnny – I see, I’m busy right now.

Agent – Yes, I understand you’re busy, so I’ll be brief! Melissa told me you just had your 2nd child, I’m sure your kids keep you on your toes!

Johnny – Yes, they sure do!

Agent – Yes, I’d like to make sure you’re in the best possible position for those children and your spouse.  I would like to stop by next Thursday at 3:15, would that be okay?

Johnny – Thursday’s not great but maybe we can do Friday?

In this example the agent uses these tips and asks for an appointment even though the call started off with a common obstacle. This agent acknowledges the obstacle by keeping the call brief, and informing the prospect that they will be taken care of. Needs are identified using the life insurance lead sheet as Johnny’s children, and this helps focus the conversation on what matters most.

Remember these simple steps to maximize your opportunities and help more people. Remember the value you bring is not a product, but your expertise. Making sure the prospect understands the value of your expertise is the key to the sale.

Feel free to peruse the rest of our blog for more sales tips, and remember to Take The Lead in your industry!

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