Sick of Internet Leads? We Have The Answer!

We hear from several agents every week who are frustrated with internet leads. Many of our clients agree, they are fed up with internet leads.

They tell us how exclusive leads were promised, but when they begin contacting the people, other prospectors are following close behind or have already beat them to the punch. It turns out the person signed up on one internet site, but the lead was sold to numerous lead companies. Or, the prospect signed up on multiple sites when they were searching for quotes. In some cases, the lead company simply did not tell the truth.

Health conditions are another problem which often arises and hinders the person from passing underwriting.

Finally, many of these leads are just “tire kickers” who are not serious, but simply hopeful they will get a quote for far less than is possible.

Well, our leads are exclusive, never to be sold to anyone but you. And, the contacts you get from us are generally not out there searching for quotes or presentations from other sources. Furthermore, our contacts are generated from a person to person foundation giving you a basis for forming a personal relationship with them from the very start. We have the answer for the Internet Lead Blues!

To be fair, some professionals we work with do benefit from some internet leads which are truly exclusive. These are hard to find and usually not available in quantities that fill their complete lead needs. So, they also use ours.

If you need more quality prospects, give us a call. We would be glad to assist you in filling your activity pipeline to help increase your sales. This is our specialty and we are here for you!

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