Want To Talk To More Prospects?

I had a chat with a client this morning about placing another lead order, and he asked, “What’s the contact rate of your leads compared to other companies?”. 

I’ve been asked this question several times, so it’s an easy answer for me.  The contact rate of our leads is simply #1 in the industry.  Our leads turn into conversations all day long for our clients.  Simply put, the prospects we send you will talk with you about the product you offer.

First, we call out of Oregon in the idyllic Pacific Northwest.  Our callers are real people who care about helping others obtain financial security.  They are friendly and professional on the phone when generating leads.  Our employees average 3 years of experience in lead generation and know how to start relationships that turn into sales for our customers.

Second, our professional approach lends itself well to building your status in prospects minds.  Many of the folks contacted think you have your own in house marketing team.  We have no problem with you calling us your team, take advantage of the professional edge our leads give you!  You’re not just some gal who ran a Facebook ad offering a free lunch or the 8th person to call them because they inquired online a couple weeks ago.  You’re following up on an exclusive qualified prospect your marketing team found for you.

Third, since we are calling businesses, you can be sure the prospects will be there when you call, and when you spend the time to drive out and meet them.  This is beyond the obvious benefit of the referral and cross selling opportunities you will have during your meetings.

Additionally, we have contacted them already by phone, so the number is beyond “verified”.  The phone number on each lead is dialed by us, leaving zero chance for error.  This leads to 100% accuracy on every phone number, which certainly helps the contact rate!

Do you want more prospects to speak with about the insurance or financial service you offer?  Here at TJ Telemarketing we specialize in creating leads which turn into positive conversations and lasting relationships for our clients.  We would be glad to assist you in filling your activity pipeline to help increase your sales. This is our specialty and we are here for you!  If you have any questions contact us today, or give us a call at (888) 802-6998.

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