Advantages of Telemarketing Leads

Here at TJ Telemarketing we generate Exclusive Telemarketing Leads. There are many methods to produce leads. Each technique has its advantages and drawbacks. Here are some of the key advantages of using Telemarketing Leads generated by TJ Telemarketing specifically.

Phone Calls Result in Sales

Telemarketing Leads are ready to talk on the phone. Leads respond best to the medium in which they were generated. An internet lead will respond best to digital communication. A lead generated by television will be likely to respond to another TV ad. A lead generated by phone is likely to respond well to phone calls. These are people who are comfortable on the phone. Here at TJ Telemarketing we believe a phone call is the best way to begin a conversation that results in sales.

Friendly to the Caller, and You

Telemarketing Leads are more likely to be friendly when you call back.  These are prospects who are called and had a positive experience on the phone already.  This puts the prospect in the best possible position to be receptive to another call.

Leads That Pick Up The Phone!

Telemarketing Leads are more likely to pick up their phone. The phone number dialed connects when the TSR reaches out. This means 100% of the phone numbers will be correct.  Phone numbers on our leads are always verified and accurate which makes them easy to contact.

Accurate Geographic and Demographic Targeting

Telemarketing Leads are generated right where you need them. We focus on specific zip codes instead of counties or states. This gives you the ability to work in nearby geographic locations and keep leads grouped to reduce the amount of time you spend travelling between appointments. Leads can be further qualified by business type, size, or ERISA data to make sure every prospect matches your ideal demographic.

Telemarketing Leads are Interested

Telemarketing Leads introduce you to fewer “tire kickers”. When we reach out to a prospect we find prospects who have interest in the service you offer. Not finding the absolute rock bottom low price on a product. Internet leads are notorious for “tire kickers”. The internet is where people go to find for the lowest price on nearly everything. Telemarketing leads are persons who have real conversations and as a result have decided speaking with you is worth their time.

Leads Qualified by Real People

Telemarketing Leads are more likely to be healthy if that’s something you need to worry about. Since we reach out to prospects the odds of the person being unhealthy is lower when you compare to internet, TV, or radio leads. These mediums rely on a response and folks with serious conditions are naturally more motivated to reply. We ask questions about pre-existing health conditions and screen out prospects who have un-insurable illnesses. If your product involves underwriting, each lead we generate is qualified medically by a real person.

Telemarketing leads have many inherent positive qualities. Add to that the time and care taken by our callers when generating your lead and the advantage stacks. We use American callers right out of our office in Oregon. We do not use pressure tactics, but instead take a friendly and personable approach that lends itself well to closing sales. If you need more people to talk to, telemarketing leads are the ticket. For answers to your questions about how telemarketing leads could benefit your business give us a call at (888) 802-6998 or Contact Us.

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