Top Group Health Script Customizations

Here at TJ Telemarketing we generate Exclusive Group Health Insurance Leads for Brokers across the country. We customize the calling script for each broker we work for. This helps the decision makers understand what sets you apart from the crowd. When a decision maker understands the strengths you bring to the table, they are more likely to do business with you. This post focuses on script customizations that have been working well.

Our Most Popular Customizations:

Level or Self-Funded Health Plans: Employers are responding well to talk tracks that highlight the benefits of partially or fully self-funded health plans. The concept is usually a fresh idea to small or mid-size businesses. The cost savings these plans offer are appealing to decision makers. Many of the companies we contact qualify for these types of plans.

Simplifying Day to Day Operations: We are touting the benefits of technology or services you may provide as a value add that eases the strains of day to day operations. You may partner with a payroll company to ease the burden of payroll.  You may be aligned with a P.E.O. that streamlines all aspects of employee benefits for your clients.  Prospects like hearing about what you can do for them, and this focuses on a pain point most companies struggle with.

Regional Needs: Maybe a local carrier hiked rates through the roof. Perhaps a hospital has cut ties with a carrier. A new carrier may be coming into the local market. We arm our telemarketers with key facts like this when they call. This way we sound like a local wing of your business. We can speak intelligently to the local needs of your prospects even though we dial out of Oregon.

Voluntary Benefits: We generate exclusive leads for Voluntary Benefits. We have the ability to focus on how these types of policies are a solution for reducing the impact of high deductibles and co-pays found on certain group health plans. Voluntary Benefits play very well as a value-add.

Contact us here at TJ Telemarketing to start a conversation about building on one these proven concepts, or a new concept you feel will grab the attention of the businesses you would like to work with. With all the changes in Healthcare right now there are sure to be several hot button topics we can mention. You will receive custom script creation as well as calling performed by experienced Americans who know the ins and outs of group health insurance lead generation.  Please call (888) 802-6998 with questions or visit our group health lead page for more information about our exclusive group health insurance leads.

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