A Ticket To Ride: Popular Insurance Riders

One of the most powerful tools in a salesperson’s kit is life insurance riders.

Life insurance should never be “one size fits all.”  Insurance Riders allow you to customize the plan you offer to the prospect.

Here at TJ Telemarketing, we speak with potential prospects every day.  These prospects frequently tell us what they are looking for or how their current coverage has let them down.  Armed with this information, we are able to help our affiliates shape their presentations.

A life insurance policy can offer peace of mind to the prospect.  One’s family will be taken care of if the worst happens.  This doesn’t have the same impact if the prospect is unmarried or has no children.

Here are a few of the most popular insurance riders mentioned by prospects.


Insurance riders pay in case of heart attack, cancer, stroke, kidney failure or any of the other covered events provides personal value.  Unlike health insurance, the critical illness insurance rider doesn’t pay for care.  It pays as a benefit that the prospect can use where they really need it.


Clearly, finding out that you have less than a year left is terrible news.  With accelerated death benefit insurance riders, your prospect is given the chance to put his or her affairs in order.  Your prospect is able to access a portion of the death benefit to cover their needs, whether medical or just day to day.


Your prospect can’t afford a whole life plan right now, so you show her a term plan.    This is a powerful tool.  It gives the prospect the chance to start with a more manageable term and convert it later, usually by a predetermined deadline, to a whole or universal life product without undergoing an additional medical exam.


How many insurance products can a consumer pay into and never use?  Everyone is required to maintain coverage on their car.  If a person is a good driver, they may never use it.  Home insurance has the same potential downside, thousands of dollars spent with no payout.  A term life policy can look like another potential money sink.

With return of premium insurance riders, the term policy is no longer protection “just in case”, but it becomes a real investment since the premiums returned are tax free.


This can be the hardest subject to breach.  After all, who wants to contemplate the passing of a child?  Steel yourself, set emotion aside, and just cover the facts.  These insurance riders provide for final expenses in case the unthinkable happens.  Coverage is generally purchased in units (say $1000 per unit) and is a popular option amongst grandparents.

We keep track of the trends and offer customized campaigns to take advantage of them.  Do you have a specialty that you want us to concentrate on?  We can customize your campaign also.  Call us at 888-802-6998 or visit our products page http://tjtelemarketing.com/shop/

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