Maximize The Value of Every Lead

Here at TJ Telemarketing, we guarantee that every lead is a chance to make a sale.  Does that mean that you will sell every prospect we provide you?  If you are a very gifted salesperson, you might.  For the rest of us, here is some advice to get the highest return on your leads.


Every lead that we send you was generated by one of our highly trained telephone agents that very same day.  Do not let them get cold.  Each one of these prospects is expecting a call from you, so reach out within 24 hours.  This lets you tap into the emotion they felt during the first contact.

Remember that this is a chance to introduce yourself and get an idea about your prospect’s needs.  Don’t try to sell a policy over the phone, get the commitment for a face-to-face meeting.


Once the sale is complete, you get to really concentrate on your customer.  Check in every few months to see how they’re doing.  Do they need a new product?  Can you help them by setting up a bundle?

Your customers will appreciate the extra attention and send their friends and family to you.  Don’t be shy.  Always ask for a referral with every contact.  With a little extra attention, you can turn one satisfied customer into a steady stream of business.


It is a fact that not every prospect will buy from you.  Some of them will just tell you no, while others will indicate that this is not the right time for them.  Perhaps the prospect just needed to rearrange some finances.  Maybe they were having some personal issues that prevented them from committing right then.

Touch base in six months to see where they are at.  Much like maintaining communication with your customers, these prospects will appreciate the extra attention.  Be on the lookout for a change in their situation and always offer a solution.


There is an old axiom that says the sale doesn’t start until you get your first no.  Remember that every single TJ Telemarketing lead expressed interest in your product.  While the prospect was unwilling to commit at the time, circumstances always change.

Perhaps they lost someone and saw firsthand how a lack of life insurance can impact the family.  Did they have a new child?  What about a grandchild?  Did they receive a new raise at work?  Any of these situations can change the way a prospect looks at life insurance.

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  1. Eric van Haaften

    Great advice for agents to follow. We are looking into hiring a firm now for life insurance business leads. We will be in touch soon.

  2. I think the point you make about turning your sales into valued customers is a good one. Keep it simple and do a great job on the first sale and then take steps to make sure your new client is totally protected.

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