Avoid Weak Words to Make More Sales

Do you have some time just to read this information?  I didn’t think so.  It’s important to engage people in a positive way. The first sentence of this blog post is packed full of weak words that don’t develop any interest at all.  In sales, the words we use have a profound impact on responses we receive.  A successful sales professional pays close attention to the words they use.  Here at TJ Telemarketing we look at Language as a toolkit we can work on and improve.

Let the words sink in:

When we write an email or a blog post like this, we have all the time and technology we need to proofread our message.  This is not the case on the phone, especially with persons we have never met face to face.  When you are communicating with a potential client over the phone the words you choose to use define you to that prospect.

Consider your location:

The vocabulary you use often has to do with your location.  A gentleman in Texas may call a problem “elephant big” while a New Yorker would refer to a problem as “a short”.   If you’re speaking with someone in Alabama, you may want to great them and speak about how they are feeling at length.  If you’re speaking with someone in New Jersey, frankly say “hello” and get to the point!

Try recording yourself:

I have recorded many of my own phone calls.  I recommend you do the same.  Keep an ear open for weak words, as well as anything that may sound forced or unnatural.  Often, you will identify your crutch word.  This is usually, “umm”, “uh huh”, “ya”, “yes, yes” or something similar.  If you use a crutch word more than once a minute, you are using it too often.  Try to skip these crutch words!

Continuously Improve Your Language:

Listen to voicemails you leave or recorded webinars you present at on an ongoing basis with an open mind and keep improving!  Continuously work on the way you sound so you can clearly and professionally communicate the benefits of the product or service you are offering.  Make sure you’re not using any weak or crutch words.  Make sure you sound like the type of person you want your potential client to imagine.

Examples of Words to Avoid:

  • Just
  • Sorry
  • Maybe
  • Could
  • Should
  • Would
  • Please
  • Possible
  • IF
  • Available
  • Like
  • Convenience
  • But
  • Only

About TJ Telemarketing:

TJ Telemarketing specializes in making phone calls and generating all types of insurance and financial leads for our clients.  We have logged millions of phone calls over the years.  If you have any questions about this article or would like more information about our exclusive leads, click here to contact us

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